Hello and welcome to the 2nd season of Motion Reverb.



The Wilderness
Nature | Plants | Forests | Beasts | Animals | Oceans | Mountains | Earth | Jungles | Weather | Environment

Visual Inspiration



BPM: 110
Key: A minor
(Use any chords or keys that work well with A minor, the purpose is to have everyone’s tracks transition to eachother well)
Length: 8 bars (17.5 seconds).
Format: 320kps MP3. (Not wav or aiff)
Genre: Anything you want!
Process Video (Info Below): 1080x1080 Square MP4, 7mbps Bitrate



As part of your submission, please include a video that shows any amount of your thoughts and techniques to make your track. We’re talking low-fi, bare-bones, nothing fancy.

The idea is to give both music and non-music people a glimpse into how these beats are made. Filming parts of your process on your phone, especially while speaking about what you’re filming, would be perfect. This will be posted with the finished animation/track.

Think something like Clavin Harris’ Slide process video, low-fi and to the point. Including commentary would be even better!



How long should I work on my song?
I’d recommend working no more than 4 hours start to finish. Get weird and experiment!
Will I get credit for my track?
Absolutely! The whole point of this is to create community and share amazing work, linking to the artists involved is what makes it great!
What to send:
Send your MP3 and process video to motionreverb@gmail.com with your soundcloud/insta/social media links. Also, any text you’d like to include with the post.
Where/when will these be posted? 
The animations will be posted individually and edited together on the Motion Reverb Instagram page (instagram.com/motionreverb) and here at motionreverb.com. I’ll post animations as they are completed.




April 2, 2019

Good luck!

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